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2013 Gala

With the remarkable success of last the 2012 Diamond Gala, NorthEast Foundation decided to dock their signature cruise theme and continue with the Gala theme again this year. The 2013 Switzerland themed Gala to benefit CMC-NorthEast was held on Saturday May 11th. Nearly 600 Foundation friends attended the 19th annual event at Embassy Suites and Concord Convention Center. Led by event Co-Chairs Anna Hunt and Karen Dziadziola, the evening netted $144,000 to support NorthEast Foundation's $3.2 million Tucker Hospice House Expansion Campaign. Hunt and Dziadziola led a group of nearly 50 volunteers to make sure the event was a huge and profitable success.

Attendees arrived and were able to select Switzerland themed hors d'oeuvres like crab cakes and housemade blue cheese tater tots, served with matching cocktails. Inside, the ballroom tables were draped with crisp blue or fresh green colored table cloths and topped with refreshing white and green flower arrangements. Dinner plates with beef tenderloin and poached flounder filled with lobster were served. Topping off the meal was a fruit tart with key lime custard topped with Kirsch spiked dried apricots and chocolate drizzle for dessert. All this was served with a premium open bar.

Throughout the evening, guests were encouraged to take part in a silent auction where original pieces of artwork, jewelry and unique treasures were available for bidding. For the 17th year, Cabarrus Emergency Medicine Associates, PA generously donated a $7,000 travel voucher or $5,000 cash option to be raffled. The lucky winner was Sharon Hinson of Concord. But Sharon was not the only winner of the night. Auctioneer Allen Craven energized the audience as they playfully battled one another to win 14 live auction items that spanned from a Tissot watch to a black Goldendoodle, from a New York City Broadway experience to an African Photo Safari! There was an auction item for everyone's tastes!

Upon the conclusion of the dinner and auctions, guests danced the night away to one of the most versatile and dynamic bands in the Southeast region, In The Pocket.

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