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Planned Giving and Bequests

Planned Giving

Planned gifts and charitable bequests are legacy investments that support the wonderful care given at CHS NorthEast in perpetuity through wills, cash, equity, or property. Planned gifts can result in immediate or delayed income to NorthEast Foundation. While many planned gifts designated to NorthEast Foundation benefit endowment, it is truly the donor's choice as to what area of the medical center to support. Creating these ultimate gifts of support, places donors into a special group known as The Heritage Society.

To get started on becoming a member of The Heritage Society, simply review and complete the following bequest template and submit a copy to NorthEast Foundation.


For further confidential inquiries or to learn more about various planned giving options contact Kevin Laws, Director of Planned Giving at 704.403.1408 or today!


The NorthEast Foundation Endowment was created in 1994 so that donors could provide gifts to a permanent fund that supports Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast in perpetuity -- therefore exponentially magnifying the impact of each donor's generosity.

How to place CHS NorthEast in your will

One of these statements can be placed in your will to support the future of your medical center:
“I give and bequeath to NorthEast Foundation the sum of $_________ (and/or the securities or other property described herein) to be used as NorthEast Foundation Board of Directors directs.”

“I give, devise, and bequeath ________% of the said residuary of my estate to NorthEast Foundation to be used as NorthEast Foundation Board of Directors directs.”  “Should (name of person) predecease me, the portion of my estate going to (person’s name), I give and bequeath to NorthEast Foundation.”

Contact your financial advisor or Kevin Laws, Director of Planned Giving with NorthEast Foundation.

1937 Society

The ultimate gifts of support are those gifts designed to leave a legacy to Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast. These are estate gifts, provided through wills and trusts. Those who choose to do so and notify our Foundation become members of the 1937 Society. With permission, their names are displayed on the Foundation Wall of Honor.

The following generous donors are members of our 1937 Society.

  • Elizabeth V. Z. Adams
  • Ken & Patty Argo
  • Ralph & Sandy Barnhardt
  • George A. Batte, Jr.
  • John A. Bishop
  • Anita Brown
  • Harry & Mary Lore Brown
  • Frank & Nancy C. Burrage
  • Charles A. Cannon
  • Franklin Lamar Cannon
  • Stowe and Karen Cobb
  • Phyllis & L. D. (Bub) Coltrane III
  • Adam & Amy Cook
  • York Cress
  • Dr. David & Anne Crosland
  • Bob & Judy Davis
  • Mr. Frank A. Dusch, Jr.
  • Alan and Gwynn Goodman
  • Eugene Caldwell Gordon
  • Edna M. Grady
  • Dan L. & Myra B. Gray
  • Mariam Cannon Hayes
  • Adrenna Jan Haynes
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hedgecock
  • Carl Andrew & Juanita P. Holt
  • Beverly Horton
  • Bill & Carol Hubbard
  • Annie Laurie Hunt
  • Joe & Anne Hunter
  • Gladys Goodwin Jackson
  • Ben & Ruby Jones
  • Joan S. & Branson C. Jones
  • Dr. & Mrs. George W. Liles
  • Jacob W. McGee, Jr.
  • Jim & Dot Monroe
  • Edward L. Morrison, Jr.
  • Joe & Susie Panko
  • Adam Walter Reid
  • Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Rodgers
  • Mariam Coltrane Schramm
  • Steve & Kim Sellers
  • Annie Hoover Tollison
  • Mildred E. Waddell
  • Mr. & Mrs. D. Keith Wayne
  • Emma F. Whitman
  • Ron & Phyllis Wilson


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